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479 3rd Ave NW
Valley City, ND 58072

View From a Distant Past

This 10 song album of contemporary folk/folk rock music is packed with Joseph's unique take on such topics as love war, religion and even his pet grand-"dogs"!!! Songs include Who Do You Say I Am, a song written about the quest for religious truth, Outsourced, a stinging portrayal of the harsh realities of globalization, Hugging You, a humorous look at a much more enjoyable alternative to exercise, In Your Eyes, a beautiful ballad in the style of James Taylor, Dogs, a very funny but realistic look at the plight of a cat lover in a dog lovers world, One Guitar, a tribute to the great songs of the 60's and 70's and Living in a World of Kindness and Learn to Live in Love, poignant anthems for world peace and harmony. If you love the music of Paul Simon, James Taylor and John Mayer then this album is a must for your collection!! Recorded in both Nashville and New York, Joseph is also joined on this album by some of those town's finest musicians. This album is a pure delight, one you will listen to over and over again, so order NOW!!!